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Buy Fine Art Prints of my Paintings on Paper, Canvas, More.
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Buy My Art on Posters, Cards, Shirts, more. CLICK ON IMAGE & GO TO MY ZAZZLE SHOPS.
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Monday, 21 June 2010

A Visual Artist's View of Ontario's Gallery Exhibit, "Drama & Desire"

This Saturday I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to see the exhibit, Drama and Desire – Artists and the Theatre. It covers the era from the French Revolution up to World War 1. The exhibit is about the artists’ paintings and drawings, their emotions and their inspiration from the theatre. The exhibit is on display until September 26 and it is well worth a visit. The above painting by Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii, is one of many paintings and drawings in the exhibit. Since the AGO had sound & light effects, you might want to take ear plugs. As a visual artist, I found these effects interfered with the art. I hope to visit a few more times and I will be taking ear plugs. The paintings and drawings are wonderful. I examined the artists’ modeling of skin. The achievements in painting different materials, i.e. silk, velvet, were outstanding. I was able to study works by Degas; his compositional structures and colors. I examined the masterful designs of these artists, Ingres, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vuillard and more. This is the only site in North America for the exhibit. It is a large display of wonderful works. Check the AGO’s link on this site to view information about days and hours it is open.

In August 2010 my paintings will be exhibited at the Art for All Canada’s Rainbow Gallery. The Gallery is at 80 Front St. East across from Toronto’s historic St. Lawrence Market. You enter the Gallery through Rainbow Cinemas, Market Square. Viewing the exhibits is free. At the top of this site is a link to Art for All Canada’s Gallery. Gallery hours are from 12:30 pm to 10:00 pm daily. My exhibit will be installed the afternoon on Friday July 30, 2010 and ends the morning of Monday August 30th.

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