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Buy Fine Art Prints of my Paintings on Paper, Canvas, More.
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Buy My Art on Posters, Cards, Shirts, more. CLICK ON IMAGE & GO TO MY ZAZZLE SHOPS.
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Monday, 1 March 2010

Colours, Values & Unity in Summer, Active Paintings

Outdoor Market
Original Painting
Acrylic on canvas mounted on wood stretcher bars
20.4 by 25.5 cm, 8 by 10 inches

I enjoyed painting this colourful outdoor market scene. I was taking a summer walk when I saw this view. I added additional umbrellas and the dog. I painted several vibrant colours (hues) in each light area, form and cast shadow. The dark dog is in contrast with the light, sunlit pavement. This contrast enhances both values (gray scalesimultaneous contrast). I also added thick strokes of paint in light areas. In the summer heat, the people walking away on the right side are painted in blurred atmospheric colours. I was concerned about achieving unity in this active painting and connected the dark colours to address my concern. In the gray scale image, follow the dark cast shadows under the boxes on the left. These dark cast shadows connect to the first figure and continue under the boxes. The dark colour then connects to both the man with his back to the viewer and the dog. Continue and see the dark cast shadow under the umbrella stand on the right side. This was one technique that the artist, Edgar Degas, used to unify his many active paintings (See, The Orchestra of the Opera [In the Orchestra Pit] & The Cotton Market, New Orleans).

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