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Buy Fine Art Prints of my Paintings on Paper, Canvas, More.
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Buy My Art on Posters, Cards, Shirts, more. CLICK ON IMAGE & GO TO MY ZAZZLE SHOPS.
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Creating Action, Energy in Art, My Painting Hockey Action

This is my painting, Hockey Action. I wanted to convey the action, excitement and energy of the game. I used repetition of hue (color), saturation and value to keep viewers’ eyes moving around the painting. The oblique shape of the guard rail contributes to this movement. I used diagonal paint strokes and blurred and jagged edges to add to the feeling of movement and energy. The player with the white green jersey is my focus; his placement on the canvas follows the rule of thirds. To maintain unity, I eliminated all texts, symbols and hockey socks of the players. All hockey pants were painted a muted dark red; constant values and saturation. The two players with the red jerseys are painted in tones of reds. Helmets, masks, hockey gloves and skates are painted a red black. The player in the background has a light green jersey; a complementary color to his muted pants. The goalie’s glove and leg pads and the players’ skate blades are also painted the same hue. There are 3 figures. It is best to use odd number shapes than even number shapes.

This is a digital painting using traditional painting techniques and a painterly approach. I used only virtual brushes and oil paints (Corel Painter 12 and Intuos5 drawing pen and tablet). I did not use software aids, i.e. filters, effects.

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